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Brad Drechsler (B.Sc.Ag.) 


Brad graduated from the University of Alberta in 1983. He has an extensive background in agriculture as a farmer and in value added processing. He has written manuals for hog training programs coordinated by AGRINET and swine management programs for Assiniboine College. Marketing and human resource management are also part of his skill base.

Marie Drechsler (C.G.A.) 

Chief Financial Officer

Marie has an extensive agricultural background, with both hands on farming and farm accounting. She handles the computerized accounting and bookkeeping services at AGRINET as well as offering her expertise to companies and farmers requiring an accountant.



AGRINET Management, Training and Employment Services Ltd. is a privately owned corporation. Our shareholders, staff and contracted associates provide AGRINET with over 80 years of combined experience within the agricultural sector. This expertise is very diverse, from farm management to government liaison experience.

Commitment to Excellence: Our network of agricultural professionals allows us to keep pace in a rapidly changing global industry. Our commitment is to remain current and knowledgeable on changing trends affecting agriculture, and be able to transmit our knowledge to individuals, groups or organizations in a timely and cost effective manner.

As a Red Deer based corporate, networking association of agricultural professionals, our mandate is to provide industry leading management, training and employment services to the agricultural community. We want to help farmers and agricultural businesses become more competitive in this ever changing world. If you need a new employee or are looking for a job, just call us. If there is a field of agriculture that you would like a career in, but need training, we can help with that too. AGRINET was started in 1995 with the idea that farmers and ag businesses required information, employees and training services specific to the agricultural industry. Our projects and ideas have expanded rapidly.


A few of our accomplishments are:
  • Performed an agricultural wage survey for Alberta Agriculture, Food, and Rural Development to help standardize occupational profiles in the agriculture industry.
  • Responsible for the coordination of the Alberta Centre for Swine Training.
  • Design and delivery of four Swine Technician Pre-Employment Training Courses funded through Human Resources Dev. Canada. 
  • Design and implementation of a Public Awareness program (This Is A Pig) focusing on careers for youth in Alberta's swine industry, funded by Alberta Pork, Agriculture and AgriFood Canada and Growing Alberta. 
  • Coordination of management training for a Chinese delegation in conjunction with AGRITEAM Canada, as part of the Canada/China Lean Swine Project. 
  • Accounting activities and office duties for Pork enterprises